• Tuesday , 22 May 2018

Pho Ha

Pho Ha

There are a few things on my food Bucket List that I know I should have tried by this point in my life, but I haven’t.  Pho was one of them.  I KNOW, I KNOW!!!  It’s just that, there are so many wonderful things in this city (and beyond) that it took me a bit to get around to it.  There are also a million Pho spots in Philly and I wanted to make sure I started at the right one.  Luckily for me, I had someone who was willing to guide me in my first Pho adventure at Pho Ha at 6th & Washington in South Philly. 

I started with the #1 (Steak/Beef).  First came a piping hot kettle of tea (love), then a plate of fresh herbs (love LOVE), and then the soup (INFATUATION!).  I added a little hot oil, tore the fresh basil, dumped in the sprouts, gave it a healthy squeeze of lime, and off I set slurping and savoring every single drop of this incomparable dish.  You could officially say, I am pho-ever changed (you knew I had to put a pun in there somewhere…)!

Pho Ha
610 Washington Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19147
Phone:(215) 599-0264

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