• Friday , 27 April 2018



 Philly has so many amazing things to offer, and in my travels I’ve found a few that are worth mentioning.


Website Development:

Cam Fulton with Search Actions
The Search Actions team is comprised of internet marketing specialists as well as social media experts, content writers, graphic artists, web developers, photographers, and film producers with years of experience in leadership and customer service.  Cam was the brains behind my Philly Food Girl website and I can’t say enough good things about him and the entire Search Actions Team.  Plus— he’s a die hard EAGLES fan!

Search Actions
Search Actions


Marc Cappelletti
Currently the director of expedition development for Lindblad Expeditions and National Geographic, Marc has worn many career hats in Philly, NY, and abroad.  “He is on a mission to help others see the beauty of places both near and far.”

Marc Cappalletti

Real Estate:

The Erica Lundmark Group
As the wife of a professional hockey player, Erica specializes in helping sports families with their real estate needs and then some.  She and her team provide first-hand knowledge of big things like school districts and locations specific to your lifestyle, but also the “little” big things like car dealers, furniture rentals, and even night spots.  Think of The Lundmark Group as your Philly Concierge!

Lundmark Group

Aquatic Services:

Armco Aquatic
Providing premier aquatic services to the tri-state area for over 14 years, Armco Aquatic focuses on designing, building, and maintaining an artificial habitat while causing no unnecessary harm to the marine life or livestock.  Armco serves industries such as restaurants, hospitals, schools, law & medical offices, retail, and residential.

Armco Aquatics


Rob Snyder
I’m a huge Country Music fan and Rob Snyder is the real deal.  He combines his nitty-gritty Philly roots and love for Philly sports teams with southern charm, and front-porch sittin’.  Rob lives in Nashville but his love of the beach always brings him back to the Philly area (WV, and Florida too!) a few times a year.  Check him out for bookings.

Rob Snyder


…More to come!